Research Interest:

My current

interest is in computational pathology and I’m a part of the Computational Pathology Group led by Professor Iain Carmichael, and the HemeAI Lab led by Dr. Gregory Goldgof. I’m also broadly interested in the study of human-AI collaboration as well as AI-related policies.

In my undergraduate years, my research has mostly been in mathematics, more precisely probability theory and stochastic processes. However, since the beginning of my Ph.D. program, I’ve pivoted to doing mainly highly applied research.

Past Publications:

  • Zhanghan Yin, Boris Babic. "Reframing the Accuracy-Interpretability Trade-Off". Submitted.
  • Konstantin Khanin, Liying Li, Zhanghan Yin. "Point fields of last passage percolation and coalescing fractional Brownian Motion". Physics Review E.
  • Ada Chan, Harmony Zhan, August Liu, Bobae Johnson, Malena Schmidt, Zhanghan Yin. "Laplacian pretty good fractional revival". Discrete Mathematics, Volume 345, Issue 10 (2022).
  • Ada Chan, Harmony Zhan, August Liu, Bobae Johnson, Malena Schmidt, Zhanghan Yin. "Laplacian fractional revival on graphs". Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, Volume 28, Issue 3 (2021).

Past Talks:

“Reframing the accuracy-interpretability trade-off” - SGSA Student Seminar (2023)

“The semi-circle law - a combinatorial proof” - UofT Undergrad. Math. Colloquium (2022)

“Furstenberg-Lyons-Sullivan discretization of Brownian motion” - Topics in Ergodic Theory (2021)

“Laplacian fractional revival on graphs” - UofT Undergrad. Math. Colloquium (2021)

“Laplacian fractional revival” - 25th Ontario Combinatorics Workshop (OCW) (2021)

“Formal theory of scientific change” - Formal Philosophy Conference (2021)

“Ergodicity of the geodesic flow on hyperbolic surfaces” - Undergraduate Seminar, (2021)

“Radon transform & applications to medical imaging and study of waves” - Undergraduate Seminar, (2020)

“Laplacian fractional revival on graphs” - UWaterloo Algebraic Graph Theory Research Seminar (2020)

“Laplacian fractional revival on graphs” - Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference (2020)

“De Rham’s Theorem” - CUMC Poster Session (2020)

“Formal theory of scientific change” - SMC Colloquium (2020)

“In search of I-You” - SMC Interdisciplinary Colloquium (2019)

Contacts & Links & CV: